The T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society (TLJMS) is comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals working together to improve health and wellness, access to quality care, and academic and career opportunities for underserved populations in Palm Beach County.

Historically, the socio-economically plagued residents of Palm Beach County, have not been provided with an ample opportunity, nor the required resources to access individuals and information that would help to make them whole.  Rather, this group that is typically described by low-income and low-education, has been separated from quality health care, along with educational and career opportunities.

Founded in 1947, TLJMS serves as an instrument that has the capacity to bring disadvantaged Palm Beach County residents and medical professionals together.  This level of connectivity is unique in Palm Beach County.  It pairs doctors and other medical professionals, many of whom work and live in the county and volunteer their time, with underprivileged residents.

The bond that is created not only enables residents to receive quality healthcare, but also the chance to explore academic and career opportunities.  As a result of this partnership, the medical team receives a tremendous amount of altruistic pride, while the residents interact with shining role models of professionalism, leadership, and excellence.  Ultimately, everyone gets to share a very high and distinct level of mutual respect.

Let’s build a stronger Palm Beach County together.